2016 Challenge Update | November & December

Hey Everyone,

It’s that time again to give you an update on my challenge and yeah… FAIL….Damn it! I got sucked into the Holiday deals and I just couldn’t contain myself, Oops! I decided to add December’s update here as well since I already bought makeup this month anyway so I figured I would make this my last update of the year.

In total, I passed 4 times out of the 8 months, meaning I bought makeup 8 months out of the year, now I’m not saying I spend hundreds of dollars each month on makeup, some months was just $20 and I did get some pretty awesome deals but it made me realize how much I do spend on makeup in general. However, I did manage to stay away from the Target dollar spot / Bulleye’s playground, The Dollar Tree, Online shopping (clothing wise) and home essentials, so it wasn’t all that bad or a complete fail on the whole challenge.

Next year, I will try to control my makeup buying habit a little better, now that I have all this new makeup to play with why would I need more!? Said no woman ever. Thank You.




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