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♦ Freebie Friday ♦ Nov 25 – Dec 01 2016

Hey Everyone,

Happy Freebie Friday! Hope you all had a good week or at least was better than mine long story but, I got some super fun Freebies to show you so click play to find out what I got!

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This Week in Freebies and Samples:

  • Entertainment Magazine from RegwardsGold | http://www.rewardsgold.com
  • Shape Magazine from RegwardsGold | http://www.rewardsgold.com
  • Marie Claire from Mercury Magazine | http://mercurymagazines.com/pr1/100/10000
  • Nautica, Vera Wang & Katy Perry Perfume from Smiley360 | https://smiley.socialmedialink.com/home
  • Emergen-C Samples from Emergen-C | https://www.emergenc.com/free-sample
  • Colour Pop makeup from Colour Pop | Paid with PayPal, Earnings/Money made from https://www.productreportcard.com/
  • Benefit Cosmetics Makeup from Ulta | Freebies with Purchase Ulta.com
  • Ahava & Bliss Samples from Ulta | Samples with Purchase Ulta.com
  • Urban Decay Makeup from Urban Decay | Birthday Gift & Freebies with Purchase http://www.urbandecay.com/


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