♦ Freebie Friday ♦ Oct 21 – Nov 10 2016

Hey Everyone!

Happy Freebie Friday! I’m finally back from all the packing and moving. I’ve got a brand new video for you, so come check all the awesome freebies that I got in the last 2 weeks!

Make sure to give this Video a big THUMPS UP!

This Week in Freebies and Samples:

  • Take5 chocolate bars from Take5 | https://www.takeortreat.com/
  • 2 US Weekly magazine from Mercury Magazines | http://mercurymagazines.com/pr1/100/10000
  • Shape Magazine from RegwardsGold | http://www.rewardsgold.com
  • Entertainment Magazine from RegwardsGold | http://www.rewardsgold.com
  • Carefree pantie liners from Carefree | http://www.carefreeliners.com/speakfreelywithcarefree/free-pantyliner-sample.html
  • Orange House Laundry detergent and Dish soap Sample from Orange House | http://www.myorangehouse.com/pages/samples
  • Jif Peanut Butter with Cinnamon from Crowdtap | http://crowdtap.com/portal
  • Crazy Rumors Lip Balm from 0.8Liter | http://www.08liter.com/
  • Tea Tree Oil from Pure Majestic |  https://www.amazon.com/Majestic-Pure-Therapeutic-Melaleuca-Alternifolia/dp/B00VXHY6KY   *100% Free Product Code No Longer Available.
  • Gotz Bad Ischl from Hasen Natural | https://www.amazon.com/G%C3%96TZ-Oxygen-Facial-Natural-Treatment/dp/B01G40NMD6   *Contacted me for Review
  • Starbucks Coffee Sample from Starbucks | https://www.starbucksathomesamples.com/latte-kcup/order



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