2016 Challenge Update | February

Hey Everyone,

So it’s that time again where I bring you my monthly update on my 2016 Challenge and the verdict this month,


…and pretty miserably, I might add.

For the first couple of weeks I was doing great, I hadn’t gone shopping all month. I was pretty much staying away from the Dollar Tree like it was the Plague, unfortunately, I can’t say the same about Target. Everything fell apart the last week before our trip, I realized I needed a couple of things so my brain immediately thought Target, but it should have known better.

“I’m just going in to get some sunglasses and a sundress“, 2 hours later, a new bikini, handbag, $3 flip-flops? Um… Yes! and 2 sundresses later, yeah, you get the picture. Obviously I went temporarily insane for a bit and I know I’m not the only one who’s been there while at Target. We see that red bullseye and we’re instantly hypnotized, all of a sudden were wandering the aisles grabbing shit we don’t need. I’m now starting to think maybe this challenge should have been called, “stay away from Target, It’s killing your wallet!

I did successfully manage to buy household products such as facial tissue and paper towel without paying full price and acquired some new makeup tools without spending a penny out-of-pocket thanks to Ulta Christmas gift cards. So, I’m not a complete failure.

Well that is it for my challenge update, I’m optimistic for the month of March because to succeed you must fail, or at least take it 1 day at a time.



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