My 2016 Goal | The Save More Get More Challenge

Hey Everyone,

I’m going to have to level with you guys, I hate admitting this, but I have an impulse buying problem. Whether it’s candy at the convenience store, makeup at Ulta or miscellaneous items at the Dollar Tree or Bullseye’s Playground at Target, formally known as the 1,2,3 Dollar Spot. I just can’t seem to just say “No” or tell myself “You don’t need this!” when it comes to shopping sometimes but seriously in my defense have you seen Too Faced Makeup packaging and the recently cute new added Valentine items at Bullseye’s playground at Target? Yeah, it’s hard to say no sometimes.

Granted, they are not large sums of money when I do make an impulse buy, but I do make them often enough that they add up pretty quickly. Plus I find myself with things in my home that I don’t need or use and they’re just taking up space. After doing numerous decluttering jobs and putting our monthly finances in check a few months ago, thanks to, I realized how often I make small purchases on my monthly allowance for things I don’t need. It’s funny how I can be so good and attentive in one area of our family finances, but just be a complete mess and waste it when it comes to my own personal monthly allowance. I mean, why do I feel the need to buy things that are essentially just junk anyway? We live in country where it’s all about consumerism, BUY, BUY, BUY and always having the latest new gadgets or designer duds. This makes me sad because shouldn’t life be more than just about stuff?

Something came over me once I saw this and I decided to make a change, a possible very hard change for a chronic impulse buyer like myself but a change for the better I’m sure.


Here are the categories I currently have Impulse buying issues with,

  • Makeup 
  • Bullseye’s Play Ground at Target / Dollar Tree 
  • Online Shopping 
  • Convenience Store Snacks 
  • Home Essentials * (Even though it’s not part of my monthly allowance, I’m adding it as a part of my saving goal for the year.)

Here is how I am going to save money on the following categories;

Makeup:  Since I’m currently subscribed to Birchbox & Ipsy at $10 a month each, they can both provide me with the makeup and skin care sample products I need for the year. Any other makeup products must only be purchased with a gift card or Free Product Coupon.

Bullseye’s Play Ground at Target / Dollar Tree:  AVOID AT ALL COST!  Ok, let’s be honest here, I probably won’t, BUT I will minimize the shopping hauls from these stores. I may not have as many shopping Haul video’s on my Youtube Channel this year. Sorry guys.

Online Shopping:  This is mostly clothing and I’m currently doing ok in this department, I don’t seem to do it frequently or over indulge when I buy online. As of last year I decided that if I want to make any online purchase, I MUST find a discount code.

Convenient Store Snacks:  AVOID THE CONVENIENT STORE AT ALL COST! Snacks must only be bought during the grocery task or provided as a Freebie.

Home Essentials: Items including Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Cleaning products, Pet Food and Personal Care items such as deodorant, shampoo and body wash must be procured for Free before purchasing. If a purchase has to be made, a coupon must be used towards the item(s).


I want to make it clear that this challenge is not about me not spending any money, I’ll be honest here, money will be spent, I am human after all. This Goal/Challenge is more about getting my impulse buying in check and really making a conscience effort into what i’m buying.


Every month I will provide an update on my progress, whether I have failed that month or succeeded in the above categories. For January, I know I have already failed, hence why I started my Save More Get More Challenge. Impulse buying has been a struggle of mine since I was a teenager and I know i’m not alone in this issue. So by doing this challenge, I hope I can prove to myself and maybe others that having the need to always buy something or to have the latest item(s) won’t seem as important.


This will be an interesting experience,… Wish Me Luck.






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