♦ Freebie Friday ♦ Nov 28 – Dec 04 2015

Hey Everyone!

Happy Freebie Friday! Come check out this weeks interesting Freebies 😉

Make sure to give this Video a big THUMPS UP!


This Week in Freebies and Samples:

  • Allure Magazine from Mercury Magazines / http://cdn.mercurymagazines.com/121-12186555/index.html
  • Windex Electronic Wipes & Go from Target / Coupon Freebie
  • Gold Bond Powder 1 oz from Target / Coupon Freebie
  • MINI Cooper Virtual Reality Box from MINI Cooper / http://www.miniusa.com/content/miniusa/en/why-mini/programs-and-events/mini-connected.html?cc=cntd_q32015_ola_yt#vr_films
  • Vaseline Intensive care sample from Target Sample Center / http://samples.target.com/?empty=1




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