Walmart Beauty Box 🍁 Fall Edition 2015 🍁

Hey Everyone!

I finally got my Walmart Fall Beauty Box and I’m really happy with the Items that I got, it’s much better than recent ones, check it out!

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Items Include:

  • 1 Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor
  • Neutrogena Mascara Sample
  • Travel Size Simple Cleansing Wipes
  • Travel Size Dove Deodorant
  • Travel Size Aussie Mega Hairspray
  • Travel Size Act Mouth Wash
  • Aveeno Moisturizer Sample
  • Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer Foil Sample
  • Crest 3D White Brilliance Foil Sample
  • Bioré Heat Mask Foil Sample
  • Nivea Moisturizer Foil Sample


I’m really happy with this season’s Walmart Beauty Box, FINALLY! I love how I‘ll be able to use every single item in the box this time around. Plus, I saw from other Youtubers and Instagram posts that the more mature ladies get a ROC product which is amazing because they are not cheap, not going to lie, I kind of wish I got one, but hey, I still got some pretty great Items, so Thank You Walmart, let’s hope you keep up the momentum and we’ll see another great Walmart Beauty Box this Winter.

Get your own Walmart Beauty Box for only $5





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2 responses to “Walmart Beauty Box 🍁 Fall Edition 2015 🍁

  1. The Simple cleansing wipes are amazing, and the eye makeup remover pads are great too if you haven’t tried them. Great picks! I have some favs you might enjoy- check it out!

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