★ Wonka Randoms Review ★

Hey Everyone!

Today`s review is on the Wonka Gummy Randoms. Please note that this product was sent to me for FREE through Smiley360 in exchange for an honest review.


Price: Reg Price ranges from $2.60 to $2.99 for a 10 oz bag depending on the store you buy it from.

What is it?: It’s Gummy Candy! They come in 70 different shapes, 7 different flavors and 3 gummy textures, some are just plain gummies and some are filled with jelly. The variety is endless, you never get the same bag twice.


I received 2 bags of the Wonka Randoms and i’ll admit they went pretty quick. I haven’t been a gummy fan in quite some time not since I was a kid and my choice was the gummy bears. For some reason as I grew older I associated gummies with being fake plastic food for the longest time. However after trying the Wonka Randomes I can honestly say they are not fake or made of plastic. They are quite tasty and I had fun trying to find an item that would match the gummy. Although it contains a lot of sugar, it’s still a good snack if you eat it in moderation. I would recommend this to Family and Friends who are candy lovers.


That’s all for today folks, thanks for stopping by!

-Julz xox


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