♦ Freebie Friday! ♦ Mar 8 – Mar 20 2015

Hey Everyone!

Happy First day of Spring and of course Happy Freebie Friday! Great stuff to show you guys, even got a surprise Freebie! So check out the video below and as always if you like it give it a big THUMBS UP!


Freebies & Samples Included This Week:

  • 3 Windex Electronic wipe & go from Target / Coupon Freebie
  • 3 Bic Razor packs for Women from Fareway / Coupon Freebie
  • 1 Bic Razor pack for Men from Fareway / Coupon Freebie
  • Yoplay Whips from Hyvee / Coupon Freebie from Pillsbury *Must be signed up for their mailing list
  • RollingStone Magazine from Rewardsgold / rewardsgold.com *Not 100% sure
  • RedBook Magazine from Rewardsgold / rewardsgold.com *Not 100% sure
  • Email to Rail Book by Fellowship / Unknown *Surprise Freebie
  • 2 Wonka Randoms Gummy Candy bags From Smiley360 / http://www.smiley360.com
  • White Konjac Sponge from Tomoson / http://www.tomoson.com
  • Natural Bamboo Deodorizer Bag from Tomoson / www.tomoson.com
  • Foxbrim Argan Oil from Tomoson / www.tomoson.com
  • Crave Naturals Blemish Removal Tools from CraveBloggers / http://craveblogging.myinstapage.com/
  • Dove Body Wash Sample from Sam’s Club / http://www5.samsclub.com/InClubsNow/
  • L.A. Fuel Gum from L.A. Fuel / http://www.lafuel.com/en/index.php
  • Hangover Recovery Patch from Magi Patch / http://magipatch.com/products/magipatch-free-sample


Happy Weekend Everyone!

-Julz xox


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