★Foxbrim Advanced Formula Vitamin C Serum Review★

Hey Everyone!

I got another awesome review for you guys on another but different Vitamin C Serum, this time it’s called Advanced Form

ula Vitamin C Serum by Foxbrim. Please note that this product was sent to me for FREE through Tomoson in exchange for an honest review.


Price: Full price is $59.99 but it’s on sale on amazon.com for $14.95 for a 30ml bottle. (Note this product was sent to me for FREE in exchange for a review)

Product Packaging: The packaging is ok, it’s very simple, nothing special but I do like the Fox Logo.

What does it do? It’s suppose to make you look ageless! but seriously it’s an Anti-Aging Serum Infused With Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin E + Amino Complex – Professional Grade Advanced Formula . It’s helps with Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Age Spots and Skin Discoloration. The Serum only contains Natural & Organic Ingredients such as  Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel and Jojoba Oil.

I’ve only had this Serum for a few weeks there for the small changes that i’m seeing could be from another Serum that have I have been using prior to this one. However he Vitamin C Serum from Cleragenics and Advanced Formula Vitamin C Serum by Foxbrim do have similar if not the same ingredients so I wouldn’t be surprised if both serum did in fact gave or will give you the exact same results. I do like using the serum, I love how it makes my skin feel and maybe its just me but sometimes when I look in the mirror there is a glow to my skin but who knows I could be hallucinating. Anyways over all this is not a bad product, a little bit on the expensive side when it’s not on sale so make sure you check out for those deals.



  • No smell
  • Makes your skin feel soft
  • Disappears small dark spots
  • Makes your skin glow



  •  It’s expensive (but luckily you can get it on sale on Amazon.com)


Well that’s all for this review,  I hope this was helpful to anyone wanting to try the Foxbrim Serum. I would recommend it to Family, Friends and Beauty Guru’s. I think the product does work if you follow the instructions or have a proper cleansing routine.


thanks for stopping by enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you next time.

-Julz xox



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2 responses to “★Foxbrim Advanced Formula Vitamin C Serum Review★

  1. Thanks for the post and lovely product recommendation. It is now on my wishlist. 🙂

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