★The Kaboom Review★

Hey guys!

Here we go with another review, today I’ll be reviewing the Kaboom Scrub Free Continuous Clean.

This product was sent to me by Smiley360 for FREE and in case you are unfamiliar with Smiley360 they are a website where they offer missions for people to try new products. When products are available to be tested they start off by you taking a survey and if you qualify they ship the product to you for Free. Pretty simple.

Now let’s get started on that review! (Please note the opinion is 100% my own)

Price: The full product price ranges from $7 to $14 depending which store you buy it from.

Product Packaging: I thought the box was very colorful and info was very well detailed. I felt excited when I got this.

What does it do?: It cleans your toilet! It`s suppose to eliminate the scrubbing of the toilet bowl all together, meaning less cleaning and less toilet cleaning products to buy. The Kaboom system does needs to be refilled with new cleaning tablets every 3 months.

When I installed the Kaboom to be honest, I was a bit confused even though everyone was saying how super easy it was to install. I had to go on YouTube to see how people were installing theirs because the inside of my toilet tank looked completely different then what the instructions were displaying on the paper. My Toilet tank is over 10 years old but I doubt that has anything to do with, does it? No biggy, only after watching 2 YouTube videos I figure out exactly where to put the 1st tube. I had to use the second tube that was provided and replace it with the original tank tube because for some reason the original tube wouldn’t bend in order for me to place it into the Kaboom or maybe I just wasn’t using enough force. As simple as this processed should of been, I felt pretty stupid but finally my Kaboom was installed! See picture below.

After installing it, I gave the toilet a really good scrub so it was super clean before I would start this adventure of not having to use a toilet brush for the next month or so. It worked good for the first 2 days until the 1st tube that I had a hard time figuring out where to insert popped out and water spilled out of my toilet tank making a mess. I thought maybe I didn’t put it in right until it happened again for the 2nd time. After reading more of the instructions I read that there should of been a metal clip to attach that tube, so either I didn’t get one or I may have thrown it out by mistake. Now I constantly check it every 2nd day to make sure that tube doesn’t pop out again and make another mess on my toilet, wall and floor. It’s an inconvenience but I do it to see if it will keep my toilet clean and I have so say after using it for almost 1 month, I do not have any rings or disgusting scum around the toilet bowl. For once I don’t feel the need to clean it, which is rare because i’m a clean freak and some what of a germaphobe. Maybe the Kaboom truly does work!? kind of sucks that I have to constantly check that tube but if it saves me from cleaning the toilet bowl all together, it’s totally worth it to me.


  • Easy to Installed once you’ve figured it out.
  • Cleans your toilet.
  • No need to clean the toilet bowl yourself there for less cleaning for you.
  • Less product(s) to buy to clean the toilet as you only need the tablets and you only replace them every 3 months.
  • Well priced
  • Won’t harm Toilet Parts
  • Safe for Septic Systems
  • Clean and Deodorizes
  • Refillable



  • The tube kept popping off, I constantly have to check it to make sure it won’t pop out again. So make sure you have that metal clip in your package.

The Kaboom Scrub Free Continuous Clean system does really work and I would definitely recommend this to Family, Friends and germaphobes such as myself.



In honor of this review, I was able to score everyone one a coupon for the Kaboom cleaning system, click here and select the $1.00 off the Kaboom from Amazon.com coupon at the top of the site to claim it!


Well that’s it guys, I hope you guys enjoyed this review and that it was helpful.

Thanks for stopping by & Till Next Time!

-Julz xox



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