★Pure Body Naturals The Ultra Youth Eye Gel Review ★

Hey Guys!

I’m back with another review and this time it’s for The Ultra Youth Eye Gel by Pure Body Naturals. I selected to review the Ultra Youth Eye Gel through the Tomoson website and I got approved. The Item was shipped to me for Free through Amazon in exchange for a review. Sorry guys no Video this time.


When I got the product from the mail it was actually opened but luckily I did not lose any of the product. I was able to see what it looked liked which to me was a combination of gel and cream plus it smelled like cucumbers.

Price: Full Price is $49.95 but it is currently on sale at Amazon.com for $17.95 (Note: Ultra Youth Eye Gel by Pure Body Naturals was sent to me for FREE in exchange for a review through/by Tomoson)

Product Packaging: for some reason the label or packaging of the product is not very appealing to me and kind of looks cheap. Maybe it’s the colors or the font or simply the sticker that’s glued onto a plastic container but the container/dispenser it comes in works really well.

Ingredients: it’s 98% Natural derived & 75% organic. Some of the ingredients include; Organic Aloe, Plant Stem Cells, Cucumber Hydrosol, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and the list goes on. I really love that it is 78% organic because I myself and i’m pretty sure many other woman in this country and around the world are going towards more organic and natural ingredient products.

What does it do?: The product is suppose to help get rid of dark circles, wrinkles, sagging, puffiness and dryness around the eyes. It should also increase elasticity and enhance your skin tone to provide a more firm and beautiful appearance.

The instructions are pretty simple, once your cleansed your face and applied your toner use a small amount of the gel and dab it around your eyes, you may also put it on your face and neck if you wish but I currently only use it as an eye gel/cream. You honestly don’t need a lot of product so be careful when pumping out the gel from the dispenser as it will push out a lot of product.

I’ve only had this product for less then 30 days and I have to admit that I don’t believe it’s enough time to fully test this product since most skin care treatments take about 3 months in order to show any kind of result. So as of now the dark circles under my eyes are not as dark as they used BUT that’s probably because I was using another skin care product prior to getting the Ultra Youth Eye Gel. The same goes with the fine lines and wrinkles, OK!! let’s be honest I truly don’t have any fine lines or wrinkles, I am truly blessed in that department for now or i’m simply not noticing them. HOWEVER! I do get dryness around the eye and I will admit that since using the Ultra Youth Eye Gel I have not been getting any dry flaking skin around my eyes which has been very helpful when applying my makeup.

As I mentioned before I really don’t think I can provide a full review on this product including the Pros and Cons since I’ve only had the product for less then 30 days but I will do my best.



  • Great smell (Smells like Cucumbers)
  • Does get rid of Dryness around the eye
  • Natural ingredients



  • Not a very appealing label/packaging.
  • Must be careful when dispensing product as it will give you too much.
  • Take’s a bit longer to dry once applied on around your eyes or face.


With the information I was provided and gathered myself it’s an ok product. It did removed the dryness around my eyes, I love that a lot of their ingredients are natural and organic. It probably would of gotten a better score if I was provided more time to fully try the product so I could use it on my entire face rather then just around the eyes to see if the product would provide better skin tone. Also the label/packaging to me could of been better, what can I say i’m a sucker for pretty packaging.


Well that’s all for now thanks for stopping by & Till Next Time!

-Julz xox



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5 responses to “★Pure Body Naturals The Ultra Youth Eye Gel Review ★

  1. Hey Julz, love how detailed this review is. I’m in the market for a new eye cream so I’m going to add this to my bookmarks! Thrilled to have discovered your blog, will be checking back for more.

    Carys x


  2. This looks like Loreal Youth code based on the packaging. Thanks for the review!

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