Kleenex Review

Hey Guys!

It’s Review time!!

I was lucky to be selected for a mission from CrownTap and I was picked to do the Kleenex challenge. Basically I received 2 Kleenex boxes in the mail, 1 that contained Aloe and Vitamine E & the second was an Anti Viral (it’s suppose to kill the flu virus 15mins after you’ve blown your nose into the Kleenex)

After trying these 2 types of Kleenexes, I must say my nose did not dry out or felt raw after using them which happens often with other brands. The tissues were soft, strong, durable and did it’s job. No complaints here, would recommend.

Side note: This may just be random information but I did noticed on the Anti Viral Kleenex that they had tiny blue dots on the tissue. Not sure if it has anything to do on killing the virus once you blew yous nose onto the Kleenex but thought it was very interesting seeing those dots. What can I say, i’m a very curious person by nature and I guess observant 😉


To say Thank You, Kleenex is offering a $1.50 off coupon. Just click on the picture below to claim yours and start printing!

-Julz xox


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