Couponning Deals Nov 28th to Dec 5th

Hey Guys!

This weeks couponning deals we’re pretty good, not a lot of stuff but still good deals, got 80% in savings!

Let’s get to it;

Toys R US:

  • Words with Friends Scrabble Game. This was during their Black Friday Deals and most of their board games were on sale. This one was Reg.  priced $9.99 but got it on Sale for $3.00.


  • 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner. The Reg. price was $2.89 and I had a $2.00 off coupon for any Scrubbing Bubble Trigger product which made it $0.89. I know what I got is not a trigger but the coupon scanned anyway at the cash register, no harm no foul.

After coming home I realized I could of gotten this item for Free as I realized I had a $1.00 off Target coupon on any Scrubbing Bubble product. F@#$%!!!!! oh well, I smell another Target trip coming up 😉

  • 8 Yes to Cucumber Hypoallergenic facial wipes, Reg. price $2.99 and I was able to score 8/$2.50 off coupons from the Yes To Carrots Facebook page which is still available! (You have to share the offer in order to get a higher priced coupon and it also helps when you have several computers in the house to get multiple coupons) After coupons they were $0.49 each.

I love Yes To Products, all of their products are 95% all natural and this one in particular is my favorite, it has a nice smell and it doesn’t irritate my skin, plus they have won the Best Beauty Award by Allure. Here is a closer look of the product.


2 Speed Stick Men’s Deodorant, Reg. Price $5.98 on sale for $2.99, had 2/$2.00 off coupon for Speed Stick Deodorant which made them $0.99 each.


Total price before Sales and Coupons: $48.76

After Sales and Coupons I paid: $9.79

I Saved $38.97 dollars, that’s 80% in savings! 

That makes me happy, nothing pains me more then paying full price for items. Gotta Love Coupons!


Well that’s it for now, till next time!

-Julz xox



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2 responses to “Couponning Deals Nov 28th to Dec 5th

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