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Hey guys!

Just letting you know that going forward I’m going to be posting my weekly Freebies and Samples on my blog. It’s what I enjoy and like to do so why not!? I may eventually get into the video blogging of it but its not 100%.
Here are some of my past Freebies and Samples that I have gotten so far since moving to the United States and I must say i’m not doing too bad. The new Title will be called Freebie Friday and will mostly likely start from the Saturday from the week before to the following Friday which I will then post on that Friday. Did that make sense? hope it did.

Until then check out my past Freebies and Samples!


1st week, Nov 2nd to the 8th

Mostly these were from my SampleSource box that was forward to my new address from Canada. I got awesome stuff!

  • Ice Breakers Mint Candies
  • Hersheys Chocolate Bar
  • Shai Tea
  • Dove Deodorant
  • Hydro Schick razor for Men
  • Jergens Moisturizer
  • Special K Snacks
  • Arm & Hammer Toothpaste
  • Berocca Vitamin Mineral Supplement in Orange
  • Breathe Right Nose Strips and so much more!! (see above picture)

I did some research on certain companies that gave you cash back on grocery items and Freebies, so I started requesting Freebies and Samples when I was still in Canada since I already knew our American address. Lo and behold Freebies came during that week (Nov 2-8th)


  • MetLife T-shirt
  • 2 MetLife pens
  • Metlife Snoopy Doll
  • Metlife Drinking Container
  • Metlife Mini Sewing kit (All from Metlife of course. I got these because my Husband’s work had as they called it an “Insurance Fair” where different insurance companies were listing their services and trying to get your to sign with them. My husband was lucky to get a “swag” bag but we did not sign with any of them. So Yay Free stuff!)
  • Trident Gum from (This is a cash back on certain grocery items website but each week they also provide a Free item on Fridays but for some reason that week they were offering 2 freebies)
  • Hershey Chocolate bar from
  • BioTrue Contact solution from BioTrue
  • Poise Pads from Poise
  • U by Kotex Pads from U by Kotex
  • Encouragement Note Pads from InTouch Ministries (I’m not religious in any way but I write a lot of stuff down plus anything Free I pretty much foam at the mouth)


  • Mini Dove Moisturizer body wash from (They give out Samples every now and then which is awesome cause the Canadian walmart / doesn’t.)
  • Breathe Right Strips in Lavender Scent from Breathe Right
  • Ora Dent Dental Floss from an Insurance company during the “Insurance Fair” at my Husband work. Unfortunately I don’t know which insurance company it is from and my husband doesn’t remember either. Sorry.
  • Eye Med Eye Glasses wipes from an Insurance company during the “Insurance Fair” at my Husband work Unfortunately I don’t know which insurance company it is from and my husband doesn’t remember either. Sorry.
  • Purina Beyond Natural Cat food from Purina ( I was surprised when I got it since it was a really decent size bag.)
  • Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil from Garnier

That was it for that Week, on to the next!


2nd week, Nov 9th to 15th

This was an awesome week for Freebies and Samples just like the last (technically my first), I wish it was like this every week.


  • 2 Multipurpose packs of paper from Staples
  • 3 Mailing boxes from Staples from Staples

Staples had some awesome coupons this week. There was a coupon for a free 8.5X 12.25 inch box so I got 3 of them (good for sending packages or just storing things) I had to do 3 separate transactions in order to get 3 of them and i’m not sure why I only got 3, 3 is an odd number for me. Anyways they had another coupon that was awesome and it was to get multipurpose pack of paper for $0.01, Yep for just a penny and they’re Reg. priced at $7.99 so I got 2 of them. You pay $3.01 at the cash register and you have to do an easy rebate which they then mail you a $3.00 check per multi pack. Yes tax is applied.

  • Delsym medicine (Mail in rebate)
  • 2 Hampton Creek Mayo’s 1 Chipotle & 1 Sriracha from Target
  • 2 Lipton Sweet Tea Drinks from Target

I was lucky to get a few $2.50 off coupons from Hampton Creek Mayo off their website and Target sells the products. The smallest bottles sells fo $1.99, after coupons they were FREE.

I got a $3.00 off 2 Lipton Tea products from the other day and Target sells the Lipton Tea bottles for $1.50 each. So after getting 2 and using the $3.00 off 2 Lipton Tea products coupon they were FREE.

  • Free York peppermint patty from
  • SPCA pet package. Basically a magnet with 24 hour emergency # for animals and a sticker to put outside your door letting know people there are animals in the house.
  • Organic African Black Soap from



  • Oil & Acrylic Paint samples from Winsor & Newton
  • Garnier Clean blackhead eliminating scrub from Garnier
  • Tresemme 7 day Keratin smooth system from Tresemme’s Facebook page
  • American Crew Power cleanser style remover from
  • Bullet acne system from


I think this week was better then the last! What will this week bring me!?!


Week Of Nov 16 to 22nd

Last weeks wasn’t as good as the others however I am very thankful for what I got. I’ve also decided that I’m going to start posting these on my blog rather then in my fb album.

Anyways, lets get on with it.


  • Multipurpose Pack of Paper from Staples

 Staples had their multipurpose pack of paper for $0.01 on their website again, that’s right folks, only for 1 penny so I got myself 2 more.

  • 2 Lipton Tea Drinks from Target
  • 1 Hampton Creek Garlic Mayo from Target

I score 2 more Lipton Tea bottled drinks from Target as they sell them for $1.50 each. I then used my last buy any 2 Lipton Tea product and save $3.00 coupon that I got from which made them FREE!!

I also scored another Hampton Mayo at Target for Free. They sell the small bottles for $1.99 and had another $2.50 off Hampton Creek Mayo coupon, which made the product FREE!! I have 1 more coupon left of the $2.50 off Hampton mayo so I might just get it this week.

  • Paper Towel from CVS

CVS sometimes offer a coupon from their Coupon Machine that is available in store to get a Free product (You have to be a CVS card member in order to get the coupon)

  • 3 RollingStone Magazine from RewardsGold

Another awesome Freebie I got last week was my new Free 1 year subscription to RollingStone. Not sure why I got 3 this week but who am I to complain.

Last but not least are my samples!


  • Gevalia Kaffe from
  • Organic Cajun Seasoning from Spicely Organic Spices


Well that’s it for now, thanks for stopping by and till next time!

-Julz xox


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