The New Place

We’re finally settled into our new place. I have to admit, shopping for new furniture was fun, we still got a couple of more things to buy but we got most of the essentials. I wanted to wait until we got our new bed frame so I could do before and after pictures. So without further a do, here are the pictures of our new place!

Living Room Before. Mike working hard putting some of our new furniture together.

Living room After.

Kitchen Before. Dear lord there was so many boxes.

Kitchen After. Much better when things are put away.

Master Bedroom Before. We were sleeping on blow up mattresses for about a week before we got our new mattress. Mike was very pleased we were able to fit a King size.

Master Bedroom After. So happy with our new bed frame. I absolutely love it! 🙂

Spare Bedroom Before. I hate how there was small items with no place to put them.

Spare Bedroom After. A cube shelf was added and we were able to put those small items that didn’t have a place in it. You can’t see the cube shelf in this pictures unfortunately.

I didn’t get to take a before picture of the bathroom but this it what it looks like now!

We also get our own garage, which is awesome since we won’t have to scrap the snow off our car this winter 😉


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