Road to Iowa / Day 2

We arrived at our second destination on time! Yay for not getting lost.

Today’s trip was better, we had great weather, we didn’t get lost, the cats were again very well behaved and the gas in the new states we were in we’re SO cheap. How cheap you may asked? it only took $27 to fill up the car when usually it would of taken $50. BONUS! Jealous??………….yeah you’re jealous 😉


We are now in Lancer Illinois and I would suggest to not drink their fountain pop, it tastes like chlorine. Yeah, pretty gross.

Anyways here are some pictures from today:

(We went to a McDicks aka McDonald’s for breakfast this morning and I noticed this guy on the building. He’s got a burger for a head but he doesn’t seem to be the hamburgler or is he!??)

(The McDonald’s had a very 50’s diner style to it and it wouldn’t of been completed without a jukebox.)

Look there’s my Hubby in his purple shirt 🙂


(Entering Pennsylvania)


(Entering Ohio)


(Yet Another Toll Road. I wish I would of known of the amount of tolls we had to go through yesterday and today, I would of bought a E-Pass. So here’s a Tip for you if you are planning to travel to multiple different states, get an E-Pass, it’ll save you some money.)


(My attempt at getting the Welcome Sign of Illinois.  I tried.)


We only have 1 more day to go and we’ll be in Iowa. I’m thankful tomorrow is a much shorter trip because I don’t know how much longer I can handle being cooped up in a car for over 10 hours a day. I’m sure the cats will be very happy too!


-Julz xox


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