Road to Iowa / Day 1

We’re just 2 Canadians in a packed car with 2 cats, making a new home in the U.S


Almost 18 hours later and we’re finally at our first destination, Utica New York. I feel like a zombie, BEEEEEEDDD!!!!

It took 3 hours at the U.S. Border because they decided they wanted to search the car, “routine” they said, yeah whatever. Lets just say I was not happy having to put everything back in the car. Insert meme: why you pick on me?


(Border to enter the U.S.)

We also lost an hour because someone, aka me who’s the navigator as I like to call myself co-captain 😉 read the map wrong. I thought we had missed our exit in New Hampshire but turns out we were still in Maine, Oops! don’t hate, don’t hate.

The cats were surprisingly awesome during this first part of the trip. Me not so much, after being on the road for 13 hours, Mike told we had another 5 hours of driving before getting to our first destination. I cried like a baby. NO seriously, I cried and I cried, guess I was tired.

(The fur babies stretching their legs at a rest stop.)


I know it’s blurry but the sign on the right said New York, I really wanted to take a picture of a sign stating New York but since we were driving on the highway and couldn’t stop while at night, my camera could only do so much. This is the best I got.

(A Blurry New York Highway Sign)

So in total we’ve gone through  4 states, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and now New York, unfortunately I didn’t see much since we drove passed them at night.


Mike & I are now off to our next destination!

-Julz xox


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