New Adventures

Well Hello Strangers.

As you’ve may have been aware or not, I haven’t been blogging as much or just not at all. You see i’ve been very busy these past couple of years.

I quit my Job to be a full time Homemaker/Housewife,

Planned a wedding,

With the help of my mom, couldn’t of done it without her.

Got married,

A fabulous day, I would do it all over again šŸ™‚

Honeymooned in Jamaica,

Great vacation!!!

Got Tattoo #12,

Strong and Free / Not as painful as some would describe.

Went out with a bang for my last demon photo shoot with Fox Henderson.


And now i’m moving to the U.S. with just my husband and I, our 2 cats and a packed car ready for a 3 day road trip. Yeah this will be so much fun, can you smell the sarcasm!?

I think I will blog about our 3 day journey from PEI Canada to Iowa U.S. and of our new surroundings. Providing the good the bad and the ugly of our adventures because why pass up the opportunity to embarrass yourself on the internet? We should be hitting the road this Friday.
Stay Tune for on the road updates, if permitted.

-Julz xox


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