DIY: Reupholstering Kitchen Chairs

Our kitchen table needed a make-over so this past weekend Mike and I reupholstered our kitchen chairs. We got fabric at FabricVille on Northriver road and chose a pattern we thought was fresh and modern. We ended up doing a pretty good job if I do say so myself, in the end it looked like a bran new kitchen table set.

How to: Unscrew the seat from the chair, remove the old fabric you want to replace. Make sure you measure the new fabric so its big enough to cover the whole seat. Staple the corners first and make sure there are no ripples on the seat. Then staple the sides, cut out any access fabric, re-screw the seat to the chair and you’re done! Make sure you have someone to help you with this, it’ll be a lot easier.

{ This is what the chairs looked like before, a puke green suede, not a fan. Now if you’re thinking “why did you buy it?” I didn’t, it was given to us by one of Mike’s brothers }

{ The pattern we selected }

{ The tool we used / We purchased this staple gun at Walmart, it only cost $18 plus the staples were around $4 }

{ 1 down 3 more to go! }

{ The end result! }

-Julz xox


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