Zip Zag

This past weekend, Mike and went to Grand Falls NB to visit my family for Easter. It was a lot of fun, having the whole family together but the most fun I had that weekend was trying the Zip Zag which goes over the water falls. I even got stuck on the second line and took a video of it, lol check it out below.

{ Mike and our instructor Danny going to the first stop }

{ The first slide, I’m getting nervous }

{ There goes Mike! }

{ There I go! }

{ This was the second stop, a little longer slide then the first one }

{ This is what we are sliding over, are your peeing your pants yet!? }

{ Why not take a picture before my last slide }

{ Mike and I racing to the finish }

{ and I get stuck, while i’m up here, why not take a picture?!  safe to say Mike won the race. }

{ Coming to my rescue! reason why I got stuck and didn’t make it to the end? I’m not heavy enough lol next time i’ll add some weights }

The Video I took on the second slide.

This was a lot of fun, definitely doing it again, a must do if you’re ever in Grand Falls NB.

-Julz xox


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