Bedroom Make Over

This past weekend I decided that we needed to do something with our bedroom, it felt so blah, it needed a make over and I once I get an idea in my head, I have to do it. So on the hunt I went for things I knew would help me make this make over in-expensive and easy. You must be thinking “what the hell is she talking about?”, I believe by changing a few simple things can make a big difference,

  • Re-arrange the room
  • De-clutter
  • Change your bed sheets, comforter and or duvet (synthetic, real ones are VERY expensive)
  • Add accent pillows and flowers
It also doesn’t have to be expensive either,
Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets: Winners, Regular price $120.00, bought for $69.99, savings $50.01
Synthetic Duvet: Zellers (All Duvet types were on sale for 50% off), Regular price $80.00, bought for $35.00, savings $45.00.
Purple Flowers: Michaels, (all flowers were on sale for 50% off) Regular price $11.99 each (3), bought for $5.99 each (3), saved $18.00
Accent pillows: Walmart, bought for $14.00 each (2)
I Spent: $150.96 but I saved $113.01, it’s not about the budget bargain but the bargain.

{ Too much stuff }

{ Honestly I’m never this messy }

{ The new purple bed sheets I got at Winners. I never actually thought about the thread count until I started dating Mike. He really likes his fancy bed sheets and I don’t blame him, I have slept in low thread count bed sheets and they are not comfortable, the higher the number the better. Yes they are more expensive but the quality is worth it. }

{ My New Purple Flowers on my night stand }

{ Accent pillows from Walmart }

{ P.S. did I tell you I like purple?! }

{ Less clutter and yes that is a bookcase turned into a shoe rack. clever huh!? }

{ To help me de-clutter my vanity and display my necklace better, I got these hooks that does not require you to pierce a hole in anything, which is great because the Vanity is over 30 years old, last thing I want is put holes in it. }

-Julz xox


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