Bimbo Zombie Killers 2: Undead by Dawn / Behind the scene

I’ve decided to re-add these post so I don’t have to re-explain on this new blog (in case of new comers) what this project was about.

{The official BZK 2 Poster, can’t wait to blow this puppy and hang it on my wall!}
Yesterday was a fun filled day with tones of laughter, zombies and fake blood! I was lucky to be selected in Fox Henderson‘s second project for Bimbo zombie Killers, I was not in the first movie as I didn’t know Fox back then but when he asked me to be in the second one, I couldn’t say no. We started filming around 9am at a abandon House pass Stratford (I think it’s near Mermaid) the filming went on until 6:30pm, which is pretty good. At the start of filming I was in fresh cleaned clothes and at the end of it, not so much, check out the last picture.  I should have more pictures up soon from behind the scenes hopefully tonight and the Movie should be done in a few weeks so keep checking!
Movie info: 5 friends are walking in the woods looking for this cabin, they find it old and abandoned, we soon realized we have no booze there for a friend of ours go and looks for some. He (Harlon) then finds a moon shine jug which seemed to have liquid inside, he takes a swig of it and shit hits the fan soon after. You’ll have to watch the movie to see what happens!

{The Bimbo’s, EmilyAnne Fullerton as Tula, Heather Panton as Rider & Me as Honey}
{This is me as Honey, that was the name of my character}
 {Me covered in fake blood / This was once filming was over}

-Julz xox 😉


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