Bimbo Zombie Killers 2: Undead by Dawn / Behind the scene pictures

Here are some behind the scenes pictures I took while my character was not needed at the time or when we were on break. As far as the movie goes, Fox says it should be done by next week, there is still dubbing that needs to be done, I’ll be in this Saturday to do mine, can’t wait to see what he’s got so far!

{A Zombie Patric J Poirer}
{Tim Gormley as Pervis}

{The Stump, made by Fox Henderson}
{Getting ready for the next scene, this got messy}
{Told ya, it got messy}

{Fox filming a zombie scene, Zombies are EmilyAnne Fullerton & John MacDonald}
Ā {The Hikers, Travis Torraville & Geoff Murray}

-Julz xox šŸ˜‰


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